[Northkeep] News from Kings Champion Medieval Faire

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 14 07:20:09 PDT 2009

Greetings one and all,
As the day sits gray and grim one hopes you are found safe and dry during this fine soft Ansteorran weather we are experiencing. For myself though time has worn my temperance and wet pavilions find me worried my spirits are well and goodly lifted after the showing from Northkeep and her populace after presenting a demo at the Tulsa Parks King's Champion Medieval Faire. Thank you to each of you who made an effort to contribute no matter what your part or how small you felt your role was for any effort from you on behalf of this great Barony was truly a herculean feat.

 Late though the day ran on Friday many were there to lend their hands raising pavilions and with good humor all left girded for the day to follow. Dawn breaking upon the wooded glen and dewy field of the Faire site was a glory to behold as all the world seemed fresh and new. Banners and pennants flapped in the breeze and the bustle of those preparing for the day was a site to behold. Though the attendance of visitors was slow and often low the folk of Northkeep who gathered at the Faire all preformed wonderfully. A local Pike company for the 1588 Muster joined us in the fun presenting side-sword and pike techniques. 

The tournaments of Ensign and Dionader were held in alternating rounds upon the list field. Folks of all manner from across the faire gather to enjoy the displays of martial prowess. Small boys watching in wonder their eyes wide as they dreamed of knighthood slaying dragons and saving fair damsels, and many a fair maiden (despite her age) watched with a discerning eye as many a noble and strapping warrior exerted himself in the competitions. In the end two bold heroes won the day. Lord Seamus know affectionately as Spanky claimed the title of Ensign, and Lord Saren the Traveler claimed the title Dionader.  Wearing a rain soaked few lasted out the day huddled under pavilions and trees...hoping for some reprieve but none came and we retired from the faire for the night.

Bells and Hymns welcomed the second day as many late from their beds made ready for the faire. Between bouts of weather there were pleasant windows where many folk visited Northkeep, and our warriors boldly once more took to the field giving a good show to all who were there to see. Alas as the day wore on much of the faire died off due to the returning rain. Many folk of Northkeep took the opportunity to wander abut the merchants or take in the Gypsy Fire Dancers, or to check up on the lone Pirate ship which seemed to have been scuttled on the western side of the faire.  Later in the day the whole affair had one last grand resurgence allowing for some breeze not baring rain before we the faire ended and we started tearing down...but as all was making ready for the end and packing up was in mid state Mother Nature in her ever so elemental way reminded us that it can always be worse...The rain which had been but light before now started in earnest with a
 heavy soaking for pavilion and Northkeeper alike. Wet and weary we all made our best attempts to pack away our things and then headed for the warm and dry safety of home.

Though often dreary the fair this year was better than the last and if the weather had cooperated it would have been truly grand. Please start planning for next year as I for one can not wait to see how it grows.


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