[Northkeep] A little of this and that...

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Sep 21 07:23:47 PDT 2009

Greetings all,
The title of this email may seem misleading but I was trying to say that I have a lot to talk about in a kind of catchy way.

1. Mooneschadowe Triumph was a success the province provided an outstanding event especially since the Crown Prince and Princess were there. We awarded Lord Ivo with a Caistael Cridhe for his service to Northkeep, enjoyed a day with friends under the Baronial Pavilion, and had a most interesting feast. We missed all of you who were unable to attend and hope to see you again soon.

2. Officers is today at 6 pm at the library. We have many deadlines such as applications for various offices, check your latest issue of the Saga for details on all of those. We will be discussing various things such as the impending fate of Winter-Kingdom, next years budget, and a lot of other stuff. If any of you have interest or input into the business of the Barony please attend.

3. Duchess Willow and Duke Jonathan will be have their Moving truck here for unloading on this Wednesday and would very much like and appreciate any aid that anyone is willing to provide in unloading said vehicle. If any of you could give even one hour of your time at some point during the day on Wednesday it would be a very kind and generous thing to do too help them. I had told them when we were working on their house that when the day came for them to move in that I would try to gather some help for them...If anyone of you could find the time at any point during the day to go help them please do so the service and honor you would be doing for them you would also be doing for all of Northkeep.

4. Northern Regional support...Eldren Hills has a demo at the International festival approaching please if you can attend go and help our good friends and family of the North at their demo.

5. Namron will be here before we know it and we would very much like to set up the Northkeep Baronial Pavilion in style at that tourney with the warriors of Northkeep who are entering the tournies and their signifigant joining us to share the shade and company under the Baronial Pavilion. If everyone where to plan accordingly we might have a group potluck luncheon and enjoy the day together. 


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