[Northkeep] Dionadair and Ensign Tournaments

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Yes both tournaments will go on Saturday. We usually start the day with a small court to welcome people and do introductions of those vieing for the championships. Then we hold the tourneys as if it were a normal SCA event and we end the day with a court to award prizes to the winners.

There is usually one of the Baronial tents set up for Arts and Sciences displays where we can also put any artisans who want to work on projects...then normally there are a few tents set around that either provide shade for fighters, or show off period living/camps life.For this event I think we should use the larger pavilion for the demo
and we will set up for court under the smaller new pavilion with
banners and thrones.

Some times HE Beorhtlic brings his stuff and does metal work which was really popular. Some time HE Damon brings his leather work or casting. Some times the archers like Ulrich will bring their bows and crossbows to talk about the archery. Some times the ladies set up under their own sunshade and do a textile salon with weavers and needle work galore. Some times musicians visit us from other lands who are willing to play...and then we have the general displays set of item set up on tables. WHat we get to display depends largely on who comes to the demo on what day and what they are willing to bring and do.

Ayla might email the list and ask to see what people are willing to bring and do for the demo? If you ask realy nicely people will usually responde.


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Are both of these tournaments to be held at the King's Champion Demo next
weekend?  I know I saw that Ensign was, but I wasn't sure if Dionadair would
be as well.  I'm trying to figure out what all I need to plan for with this
demo thing.


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