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    There are (at least) 10 classrooms that I remember.   Fighting classes can be held (I think) indoors in the gym, with outdoor space for forges, etc. 
    I will go over the particulars exhaustively if we are approved, but I don't think Friday night setup will be a problem, nor should we be charged for the between times.  No extra for the kitchen use.
    However, getting approved will be our hurdle.  In fact, they don't "rent" as such; they ask for a "donation" to cover the utilities, etc. in the amount of $50 per hr. so my impression from talking to the church secretary is that they would be flexible on setup.
    I just need a date, or dates.


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How many classrooms are we talking about? Not that I think the College is a lot?bigger now than then, but I want to confirm.
And I think you said this included outside space for things like kilns and forges, right?

Is there space inside adequate for fighting classes if the weather happens to be forbidding outside? Would that, dining and court all be in the same space?

Can we decorate the night before? 16 hours is 8 to midnight or 7 to 11, so it would be nice if initial setup didn't have to be included in the price, or if we didn't have to pay for the fallow time between completing setup and opening Saturday morning.

Has anyone considered coordinating Sunday morning activities with the event, say a small tourney? (heavy, light, chess, bardic, I don't care) Obviously, the church wouldn't be available for that, but we used to do it in those early days at a different site.

Would, maybe, the VFW hall be open for such a thing?

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    I just spoke to the Memorial Drive Methodist Church people...this is the 
site we had the first 5 or so wInterKingdoms at.  The cost would be $50 per hr. 
flat rate, including the use of the kitchen and classrooms.  That gives us a 
site cost of $800.00 for everything.  They are emailing me a site use request 
form, which, when filled out, would be submitted to the Board of Trustees for 
approval.  So next we need to come up with a date, and we need to get the form 
to the Board ( I am willing to be responsible for that if you wish) and it gets 

hopefully asap.


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