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I plan on driving in to it as well. I can do waterbearing, fiber arts, and talk to the people. Let me know what I need to bring and help as I can.
Ly Constance Mag Fiionnain

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Greetings Northkeep,

As you all know, we are quickly coming up on one of the biggest demo
opportunities in Tulsa.  Tulsa Parks is hosting their 2nd Annual King's
Champion Medieval Faire on September 12th and 13th and this is a great
opportunity for us to come and show the community what the SCA is all
about.  This is also when Northkeep will be holding it's Dionadair and
Ensign Tournaments, so everyone that can will want to be in attendance.
Will you come support your Barony (the Greatest in all of Ansteorra),
support this fine Faire, and encourage others in their interest in our

We need fighters - for both for the tourneys and for show, so bring your
armor and your flare.
We need artisans - new and experienced, show your crafts and share your
We need support - everyone of us is a hospitaler in our own right, so come
and greet people, answer questions, be hospitable.

Please post and let me know if you are coming and what you plan on doing.
If you need anything, such as table space, or if you have anything you would
like to offer, let me know so I can make the necessary arrangements.  I am
hoping that this coming Monday when we do the inventory we can organize the
baronial stuff that we will need such as the list field and pavillions.

Also, if someone would like to volunteer to coordinate waterbearing type
activities or refreshments for those who are working the demo (you don't
have to plan on feeding the general public) please let me know.

Camping space is available, though it has been requested that you
pre-reserve space by emailing Lady Ciana O'Hara.  Please specify if you are
bringing a period pavilion or encampment that is also to be displayed to the
public, or if you just want to camp.

There is another event taking place in the park on Friday, so set up will
have to begin around 6:30 pm.  The demo is scheduled to begin at 10 am on
both days so we will need members of the Populace (who aren't camping) to
arrive well before then to have everything in place.

I apologize for the delay in getting this posted.  I am sure there is
something I am forgetting, but I will add more as necessary, when my work
load permits, or when I am home this evening.

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