[Northkeep] Excitement At Chandler Park

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Greetings all:
A memorial of some kind would be a nice idea.
I've already left a condolence comment on Tulsa World's website.
To leave condolences or a comment go to "Plane crash at park kills 5 Tulsans".
What is even sadder, there are two more surviving children of the pilot
in addition to the other doctor's family.


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>I'm sure the intent of the previous posting in regards to the tragedy at the 
park was not meant to belittle the loss felt by the families and friends of those 
who perished.  
>If the faire is still occuring at that location (or another), perhaps those in 
charge of the faire, will have a memorial area set so individuals may pay their 
>In service,
>Kelandra Carmichael
>Baroness of Northkeep
>Lady of Chemin Noir
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