[Northkeep] Demo Participation (was Re:Dionadair and Ensign Tournaments)

Ayla VonAschen aylavonaschen at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 15:55:39 PDT 2009

Thanks to everyone who has posted and will be coming out. I'm sorry if
i haven't been terribly responsive to the emails, there's been a lot
going on the last few days and I'm getting all the emails on my phone.
I did see the news about the plane wreck, my condolences to the
friends and families of those involved. That being said this is all
assuming the demo is still on. Anyway, spinning, singing, decorations,
fighting. It all sounds wonderful. Is anyone planning on camping
friday night? I was thinking we could set more up in advance if
someone is willing to stay on site with the stuff. I'm not sure yet if
Zahava and the boys will be able to camp, and if not, i really don't
want to be there by myself. We may have to play that one by ear later
in the week before we know how much we can set up on friday and how
much will need to be done saturday morning.   Another thought i had
was if any archer-type people would like to display bows or arrows
just to let interested parties know that archery and thrown weapons
are an option within the SCA, i think that would be great. I know the
demo is up against an archery event, but if there is anyone who will
be here instead of there, please bring that equipment as well.
                         I think that covers it mostly for now. Stay
tuned for more info, and i wil try to check the list and respond more
frequently if needed.        Ayla

On 9/6/09, willowdewisp at juno.com <willowdewisp at juno.com> wrote:
> I have two pop ups one have a nice top and the other I can decorative up.I
> want to bring some rugs and my chairs and teach people to make cartapesta
> roses, a brooch out of a buckle and get some bards and performers and sing
> and tell stories and poetry.
> Would that be OK?
> I have some Arts and Science stuff. I also have my silly coronet collection
> which was a great hit at the last demo I was at. I let people try them on. I
> need a table top mirror. When I did this last time Some of the ladies bought
> some nice dresses and a lot of young women came over and we played dress up.
> This being one of the fun things for a women in the SCA. We had lots of fun
> and got a lot of names.
> This is sort of "camp life".
> I hope it is OK for me to do this Please
> willow
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