[Northkeep] baronial work day

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 8 10:23:15 PDT 2009

I too had thought to write something snarky as a reply to the many barbs that others have offered in reply to my postings but I thought better of all you than that and so I would pray you the next time any of you find yourself under one
of the Northkeep Pavilions taking a respite from the sun, or enjoying a cool
drink because of the efforts of some fair lass bearing water, or feasting and
reveling the night away with your friends, or fighting on the field of honor...Remember that none
of this would be there for you to enjoy with out some one else caring enough to answer
the call and to take some part when Northkeep called for work to be done. Perhaps if you
ponder about what efforts others have offered selflessly so that for at least a
short time that you and others might enjoy a moment of fun and medieval grandeur then you may
feel a slight twinge of guilt. Maybe just maybe the next time there is a call
for aid, help, or work you will remember what efforts others had given on your behalf
and then in a generous mood you too may show up even if it is for a short time
to lend your aid. If you do come and offer you’re your hands when Northkeep
asks for it then maybe you may find yourself feeling more a part of this fine
group. If you shared in the work then you might take a feeling of pride when
others are enjoying the next Northkeep event. If you shared in the work when
Northkeep called then you might rightfully boast that you
helped make this Barony what it is…How well Northkeep’s event do, or how nice
we appear as a Barony, or how much fun you are able to have at an event are
all related to how much work is put forth. Maybe if you are the kind of
person who can give back a little too some place that gives so much to you then
you will find yourself enjoying the rewards that may be reaped from contributing
when Northkeep next calls you to do your part.

I apologize if this reply made anyone feel defensive, or angry, or anything other than simply inspired to come take part the next time there is work to be done. Hard work is its own reward but even above that amongst those who work hard in Northkeep are many fast made friends and many a just reward.



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