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Subject: [Northkeep] Update on Demo this weekend

While we have had a few people offer to assist with waterbearing, we do not
have anyone who is signed up to coordinate the water-bearing activities at
this time.  If you are interested in doing this, please let me know so that
I know it is covered for this weekend.  If you would like to bring something
to donate toward this, I'm sure the standard items could be used, such as
pickles, oranges, gatorade mix (not red), fighter biscuits.

The same goes for the tournaments - I am still awaiting information on the
formats of the tourneys and how Northkeep usually handles this.  While I
volunteered to coordinate the demo stuff, I did not think about the
tournament aspect of it, just the more generic hospitaler type duties that
I've done for other demos in the past.  If I am supposed to coordinate
the tournaments as well, I need to know what I'm responsible for.
Otherwise, I'd be just as happy to hear that someone else has that taken
care of. :)

As to set-up on Friday, unless there are any objections, I think we should
still plan on beginning set up after the track meet, at 6:30.  Many people
will still be unavailable before 3:30, including myself.  Sunday, the demo
officially ends at 6 pm, so we will need people present then to help with
tear-down of the pavillions and list field.

To everyone who has offered to bring tables, thank you.  I know we have a
few in the trailer, but I think having as many as we can get won't hurt,
whether they are used by waterbearers or for displaying things under the

In Service,

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