[Northkeep] Waterbearing this weekend

Theresa Kwasny raptorboss at cox.net
Tue Sep 8 13:17:15 PDT 2009

When we were cleaning up the trailer this weekend, there were 15 or so water
bottles.  Broken stuff was thrown out, of the remaining, only about 3-5  of
them were the white squeeze type with a straw, the others looked really new
and were the pop-top type multicolored liter size.  They were all stored in
a gnarly looking trash sack, so we purchased a new tub for them.  Along with
the bottles there was also an open bag of gatorade mix (which was gross, so
we tossed it) and a tub of orange gatorade mix (which was not gross, so we
put it in the tub with bottles).  The new tub of waterbearing stuff was put
back into the trailer.  There we also at least 2 - 5 gal water coolers.


>From: Montega <montega at gmail.com>
>To: The Barony of Northkeep <northkeep at lists.ansteorra.org>
>Subject: [Northkeep] Waterbearing this weekend

>I have the pavilion and the table covered. I do have one 5 gallon
>cooler. Anyone have two more we can use?
>I can bring a jar of pickles and a bag of oranges.

>I will start a list. Feel free to email this list or me privately with
>what you want to bring.

>We did have waterbearing supplies at one point but it has been a few
>years since I did the waterbearing for Northkeep.
>Does anyone know where the bottles and all that good stuff went?

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