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Tue Sep 8 12:53:19 PDT 2009

We love you Baron Ian! And though it will be sad to see you and our lovely
Baroness Kelandra step down from the thrones in the front, we are happy to
be saving seats for you both in the back with the rest of the Goofy
Basterds. Let the flames from the fires light the backside of others for a
while, we have good drinks to light the fires in your belly.

~Morgan Blackdragon CSS LXXXVI~
~Squire to Angus MacKnochard Bagadur~

On Tue, Sep 8, 2009 at 2:08 PM, Jerry Herring <j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net>wrote:

> And so I must stand here now hat in hand and say unto you all that I am
> sorry. My words of late have been harsh and you deserve better. It is hard
> for me as I take so much pride in Northkeep and all that you do, and then I
> have to see so few working so hard and for so long when this group has so
> many more who could be a part of that glory...I forgot that this is group
> and those who do the work for it are doing so as labors of love. i did not
> mean to focus on any negative aspect of the work done...in fact this last
> Baronial work day went so very well and so much was acomplished, and it
> would not have been so if not for those who attended and worked so hard.
>  It is not easy being a Baron, even one for such a grand and glorious place
> as Northkeep, and I have unfortunately reached my limit. To long have I
> stood at the front close to the fire...my backside is crispy and I am ready
> to seek the quite solace at the back of the hall for time. At heart I really
> am a humble man, I am filled with a passion and love for the SCA and most
> especially for the people and lands of Northkeep, but still humble and it is
> hard to hold onto that when riding the crest of the wave of glory generated
> by all of you, your deeds, and your efforts. Each one of you  make Northkeep
> such an amazing place that it becomes to easy to get lost in that wonder.
> You all have given so much to me over the years and my desire to see that
> given back to you all has blinded me. I have wanted only the best for all of
> you and for Northkeep and my drive to make that happen is why I have seemed
> to become disappointed and disapproving of late. I promise I
>  will do better for the remainder of my time and focus  upon the
> positive...I hope to bring to an end my time as Baron in a better light than
> has shown here this day...that perhaps you can forgive me for my pride and
> what has come to pass these last months can be behind us  and we can proceed
> on in a brighter and better light as we bring to close this chapter in
> Northkeeps saga
> Oddly the people most loudly voicing their opinions on my words are those
> whom they were not meant for. Montega and Amanda both are very hard workers
> and they have in the past done great things for Northkeep and their efforts
> are not forgotten. I have not forgotten the may efforts of so many
> people...Northkeep has with in her populace so many wonderful and amazing
> people and I hope each of you knows how very honored I am to have gotten a
> chance to know you and how very blessed I feel to have been given the chance
> to see first hand what you are capapble of. Northkeep and its people are
> among the best there are you deserve better than I have shown you of late.
> Again I do apologize and I hope that we can move forward from here to
> something better and brighter. Hopefully there is enough strength left us in
> this our short time to show all of you how much very grand this Barony and
> all of you truly are.
> Kindly
> Ian
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