[Northkeep] Booking Signing @ Kings Champion Med-Fair

aoife at cableone.net aoife at cableone.net
Thu Sep 10 11:21:15 PDT 2009


Oh, I do so wish I could be there!  She is one of my favorite authors.
I started reading her books even before I knew she was once a member of the Shire 
of Northkeep. I've read them all. Just an interesting thought...how many of the 
early members of Northkeep are still members now?  Any founding members?

Additional note: I ran across some pictures from KCMF for last year and there are a
lot of people from Northkeep in them.  Looks like a good time was had by all.

I'm hoping there'll pictures from this year...maybe including one with Mercedes
Lackey...hint, hint!

Have fun! Aoife

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