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Is the school where we have done it for the last couple of years not available on January 30th? That building is really excellent, with room for fighting inside and out, a decent kitchen and classroom. It would be a shame to not have it for lack of a good date. What about Feb. 6th, 2010? That is the weekend before Kingdom A&S and is up against Candlemas in Bryn Gwlad. Might the school be available on either of those weekends? Or shall I say it? Going old-school and having it out at Will Rogers as a camping event? I remember freezing my tuchus off at a wInterKingdom events out at there... There is something to be said for huddling 'round a campfire with good drink and good friends to keep you warm.

Just some thoughts...


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Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on the fate of Winterkingdom?

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