[Northkeep] trailer detail this evening

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Thu Sep 17 12:30:23 PDT 2009

If you're coming, make sure you talk to Keigan. There is a budget planning meeting this evening she feels obligated to attend, and while y'all are welcome to do what needs doing even if we're not there, the keys (and the hitch lock) were in the console of the vehicle she was driving when she dropped me off this morning. We had discussed moving them to the house, but I don't know that she did.

Kevin the Expert Planner, Yup

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If the weather holds and no more rain falls then I bet the pavilions would be 
dry about 6pm tonight if anyone wants to meet me at Kevin and Kiegan's about 
that time we could get them packed back up and stowed in the trailer. If that is 
convenient for Kiegan and Kevin?

If not tonight then we definitely need to get to them on Friday.

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