[Northkeep] trailer detail this evening

kevinkeary at aol.com kevinkeary at aol.com
Fri Sep 18 12:59:20 PDT 2009

If someone wants to drop by here at my workplace around 5:30 and haul my heavy hiney out there, I'll help get the pavilions stowed, if they are dry, and packed into Ian's (or whoever's) vehicle if they aren't.

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This sounds like a fair deal if enough people will commit to showing up tonight 
to take down the pavilions, and showing up at the event to help set up the 
pavilion, and to help take it down again...IF enough of  the people from 
Northkeep will commit to this then I will gladly transport the Baronial Pavilion 
to the event and back to the trailer. 

Is there anyone willing to commit to this plan?


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I say we take them down tonight, run them to Moonschadowe, set them up let them 
dry till sunday then pack them away nice and dry, and then we have a presence at 
the event. But I aint in charge of this dingy I just man an Oar...
 Angus MacKnochard Bagadur

snerta er vald 
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