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If I may please briefly interject. There has been much discussion of this as the news was announced several months ago and I have been following the discussion. 

The problem is simply this.... it's still too big. Brandon Sanderson (the author Harriet picked to finish the book) has been working diligently to finish the work, but neither he, nor Harriet (Rigney's wife) nor the publishers have been able to establish how Mr. Rigney expected to finish this in one book. Given they have the full extensive notes of everything and how it was to wrap up. The best they could do (though they did not want to) was to break it into multiple books because it would not fit in the binders as one, and it is taking longer to finish than anticipated given the sheer amount left to be covered. Sanderson finally recommended three because there were two good break points in the story and having a good portion of all three parts finished, was most confident that this would make for the best reading experience if they could bring out each one, one year apart, and be finished, instead of waiting until he completed the entire thing. He
 apologized and has a detailed account of the decision process on his personal blog on his site if anyone is interested. 

I have been following Sanderson's news as well as Dragonmount ever since Mr. Rigney passed. This is the brief summary of recent updates on the book. 

There is also a fascinating post on Sanderson's page comparing the actual word counts of all of the Wheel of Time books to date (as well as his own), that seems to make the length point and the sheer size of the series even more pointed. (Most of them are between 300,000 to 400,000 words!) 

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Since the passing of the dear Mr.Rigney and there being no more new books from him my guess is that the publishers are pumping his estate for all the cash they can grab.


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So I just got an email from the Tulsa Public Library that they have "The Gathering Storm" coming in October.  So I got excited!  Finally, the last Robert Jordan book.  Finally, after all these years, I can finish reading the series.  But alas, it is not to be, for according to Amazon, they have split the last book into 3 - not 1, not 2, but 3 books and this is but the first of those 3.  But in case you are interested..........


I guess I could start re-reading the first 11 books now, perhaps they'll have all 3 out by the time I'm done.  :(


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