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As a graphic designer who's had to argue with too many bosses, I do have to say that unless you've had your monitor color calibrated then odds are very high that you won't be seeing what our very wonderful & very knowledgeable Willow is looking at.  Same with your desktop printer.  There isn't any standardization in manufacturing practices when it comes to color so yea, unless you've gone through the trouble of having it calibrated to match one of the standardized color formats please don't try to exactly match what you're seeing on screen.  **By all means use it as a guide & research to your hearts content** close is better then nothing & a trip to Ireland is just full of giggles, but don't go through the trouble of making it exactly match what's on your screen.  I can promise that the 100+ monitors in our barony will come up with 100+ versions of the exact same color.  If you don't believe me go to any Wal-Mart electronic department & look at the wall
 of tvs. 

shutting up now & going back to my corner

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I found this site to be useful. On my computer the yellow is very ture to what I remembered. It is not Ansteorra yellow but it is between lemon yellow and Ansteorra yellow. I am not sure about the greens. 
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