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Dandi, so glad to hear you two are home.  If you need anything just call (405)706-8066.  I am usually in Muskogee during the week, and Oklahoma City on the weekends.  And don't worry, I will keep your X-box safe until you are ready for it.  You are a smart lady and I am sure you and Micah have made the best decisions possible in this difficult situation.  Give Micah a big hug for me.  
Love, Marion Makkingze and Thomas Quilliam

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Greetings to our friends and family…
  At this time we wish to thank you all so very much for all the words, thoughts, calls, visits, emails, cards, gifts, and so so so much more that you all have shared at this time.  This was a very unexpected event that has shocked many to a surreal part of ones life. Working though many so information can be updated can be very trying and even more trying to keep it straight when even Doctors can’t…  On Saturday the 12th, Micah was taken to the ER with shoulder pain and a bit of shortness of breath. At this time it was said to be from weed eating the lawn. The 13th it was found that it was fluids on both lungs, the left being the worst and cancer had return even though his pet/cat had been clean three months ago. The 14th a pump was placed to help with the draining while his the doctors developed an action for treatment. 15th and 16th a pump was unable to keep up with the left lung fluids and a grand mass shown on his spleen. From this point on
 it has been a up and down battle and Micah has under gone many things during this time fame, anywhere from lung bio’s to trying to have lung surgeries to stages of being on life support. So after sometime earlier this week when I seen no improvement on man’s machines and medicines, The first best decision I made was the decision that it was time for the doctors to quit saying he was dying for a third time in two weeks! It was time for Micah to do this Battle with his head held high and in the manner he was use to! “ Ill fight it on my own, with my blade in hand and the good book by my side and win!”  I had him removed from all help. Although weak and not quite the same strength yet, Micah has proven to the Doctors that a will to finish what is unfinished has baffled them. They sought to move him to the hospice unit to only feed him nothing. Not even a sugar bag drip. Nothing more than h2o and one juice a day for meals, even though all kept
 saying he can have anything he wants at this point, no one could seem to get him food. The morning of the 25th when he told me he was hungry and I fought to get even a bowl of cereal for him I’d had it and removed him. Although offered, he could of gone to a hospice home, which was beautiful… I felt he needed to be at HIS castle and nowhere else. This has proven to be the second best thing I have done for him…
  Micah is fighting hard at this time and will not let any being tell him he is dying. As he says: It’s not the doctors’ choice to tell me when I go to Valhalla! I still have a fight here first! I still have unfinished wars here. 
 Micah is at his castle. All are welcome to come or call. (918) 259-9798
I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. John Burroughs

Love Lady Dandi
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