[Northkeep] Viking food available in Tulsa!

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umm I think ( this being the south ) that they would just be "  skyrde   "
( pronounced : skeerd , what the Yankees would call  scared ; )
hope i got that right, my southern is a bit rusty ; )
Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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> So, if someone is say, afraid of skyr...would they be skyrscared? Maybe a
> new Viking taunt for the faint of heart...hmm
> Anawyn
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> For  those of you who got the latest Compleat Anachronist, ‘Skyr and Mysa:
> Viking  Curds and Whey,” you may be interested to know that you can get 
> skyr
> at Whole  Foods.  They carry the Siggi’s brand, in plain and a few 
> flavors.
>  It’s in the dairy case with the yogurt.
> For those who don’t get the CA  and don’t know what skyr is, it’s a dairy
> product that is and was a staple of  the Icelandic diet, and was common in
> Scandinavia and Danelaw Britain during  the Viking era.  It is made from 
> skim
> milk, acidified by bacterial  cultures (like yogurt), then curdled with
> rennet (like cheese).  It is  like a cross between thickened yogurt and 
> ice
> cream in texture, and tastes  like yogurt, with a touch more whang to it.
> So, you Norsemen who want a  period-appropriate breakfast food, get some
> skyr, stir in a little honey and  some berries, and go to town!
> Talana
> Who is Irish, but will probably be  packing skyr for events in future
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