[Northkeep] Phoenix Arms and Armor Shop Updates

Andrew Lechner littlerukh at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 12 13:38:11 PDT 2010

First of, the shop will be open tonight. Doors open officially at 7:30pm if you want to come out early, Drop me a line.
Due to recent events, most notably Jean Paul winning Crown Tournament, the shop hours are going to be a little different. We will still be having open nights every Monday night; however they may be canceled if I have to work out of town or Jean Paul and I have to work late, so it would be best to contact one of us to make sure we’ll be here before you head out. I will still try to post cancelations as early as possible. 
If you have a project that you think you’ll need consultation with Jean Paul in particular, please make arrangements with him prior to coming out as royal matters have his schedule very full and he may not be available even if the shop is open. 
That being said, I have several large projects planned over the next couple of month and will be spending a large amount of time in the shop. Several people have approached me with particular projects in mind as well. If you would like to come out and work on project some time other than a Monday night please contact me and we’ll set up a time. 
Phoenix Arms and Armor

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