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Some years ago Don Malcolm built and I carved decorations on feast-gear boxes for our first two Castellans.  
On the lids I carved the phrase "Castellanus Pro Populi Arcis Septentrionis," which is Latin for "Castellan For the People of Northkeep."  Arcis means "keep, fortress" and "Septentrionis" is the poetic word for north, taken from the name of the Big Dipper, which points to the North Star.

If that phrase is not too long, you might bounce it off their Excellencies and see if they like it, or prefer something else. 






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> Talana, 
> I have just finished the Castellan scroll, except one detail. There is a book and ribbon that I have on the scroll that has a place for some phrases. I was thinking it would be neat to put some latin on it. The book can hold maybe 6-8 small words and the ribbon maybe 4-5. 
> I was wondering, since you are a language master, if you could help me figure out what to put on these. I thought maybe a latin phrase that meant "watchers of the north" or something similar to what "Northkeep" might be for the ribbon and perhaps a phrase in the book.
> Any ideas?  I will have this on me at figher practice this Wed.
> Thanks so much,
> Dervilia
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