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Thank you Ian.
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> Well played good sir, I am no smith but my pen is considered by some to be 
> of goodly measure and the work it produces pleasing to their eye. I will 
> offer a map on rough vellum made by my own hand portraying the English 
> isles with the medieval compass rose offering the cardinal directions as 
> an answer to your summons.
> Is there another who would answer such a valiant and worthy challenge?
> Kindly
> Baron Ian Dun Gillan
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> Unto the Populous of Northkeep, Shining jewel in the Crown of Northern
> Ansteorra, Greetings!
> Castellan is nigh upon us, and our Barony stands in need. Need of items to
> bestow upon out Champions, for recognition of services done for our 
> Barony.
> And in an effort to raise monetary support for the purchase of new thrones
> for our Baron and Baroness, and a pavilion to shield them from the 
> elements,
> the driving rain, and the harsh Ansteorran sun, a raffle will be held at
> Castellan.
> It is my intention to donate the following item to the raffle:
> One handmade Norse seax, with sheath.
> Both were handmade by myself, Talbot of Northkeep, specifically for this
> raffle.
> The seax is approximately 15 inches overall, with a 10 1/2 inch blade, and 
> a
> 4 1/2 inch handle.
> The blade is a mirror polished "broken-back" style seax blade, friction 
> fit
> into the handle.
> The handle is naturally shed elk antler, with brushed copper bolsters at
> both ends, and natural colored artificial sinew wraps covering the seams
> between the bolsters and the antler. The handle came from near the tip, so
> the natural curve conforms to either the right or left hand.
> The sheath is two tone (natural and light cordovan brown) leather, folded
> and stitched, and is built in a 'traditional' edge-up carry configuration.
> The frog rings are stitched in place on the straps, and are solid brass. 
> The
> sheath is double saddle stitched with a double overcast stitch around the
> edge. The blade fits snugly into the sheath, for security, with the 'calla
> lily' opening of the neck covering 2 1/2 inches of the handle. It was wet
> formed around the seax, for a custom fit.
> For those who keep track of such things, the blade's name
> is<http://www.sunnyway.com/runes/meanings.html#nauthizm>"Nauthiz" or
> "Necessity".
> Some photos may be seen at:
> http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=404648&id=715780466
> (I apologize for the pictures, they were taken with a cell phone, on a
> cloudy day.)
> So, my friends, Populace of the finest Barony, will you also answer the
> call?
> I suspect that donations to the prize baskets, and for the raffle will be
> greatly appreciated. Chances at the raffle will not only help to support 
> the
> Barony, but might well purchase you a fine blade or other item.
> Our Barony deserves to have the finest, and to be, in appearance, as
> beautiful a Barony as we know it to be at it's heart!
> In Service,
> Lord Brendan Talbot, of Northkeep, Ansteorra
> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 1:02 PM, Stephanie Drake <steldr at cox.net> wrote:
>> Their Excellencies would like to have a raffle at Castellan to raise 
>> money
>> for the new pavilions and thrones etc. that Northkeep is wanting to
>> purchase/commission.  Please take a look around and see what you have 
>> that
>> you might like to donate to the raffle.  Or if you are a crafts person, 
>> what
>> handmade goods do you have that Northkeep could benefit from?
>> For the last several years we have had a wonderful response to raffle
>> requests, please help to continue that trend this year.
>> If you will be unable to attend Castellan and would like to donate
>> something, please email me privately at steldr at cox.net and I will work
>> something out to pick things up from you.  Thank you all in advance for 
>> your
>> support of the Barony!
>> Mercedes
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