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Catherine Lackey catanlac at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 21 05:18:29 PDT 2010

    Willow, I have a good spare steam iron that I am willing to give you.  Can you bring your items to Grub 'n Garb to show?  I will bring the iron then or tonight if I can remember.


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Hello Everyone.
I have found the pedal to my sewing machine.  Happy, Happy day!!
All is right with the world.
I am planning to take some of my extra things which are crowding me out of my house down to the Tulsa Flea market in May and see if I can get the extra money to get my boys up for Mother's day and Castelan.
I have some dark purple velveteen and some white seersucker enough for a chemise and some red and white bottom weight cotton. Yards of it. Great for a Norse sail. I also have some really heavy cloth of gold. Horse barding. I also have one nice Sari. And a lot of striped stuff that would make a middle eastern curtain. 
If any of this sound good contact me before the first weekend in May. 
I am willing to barter. I new a small crock pot with at least a high low setting and a top for pickling  metal and a toaster oven for cooking  clay in. 
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