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Alas, lady Mistress I knew this well!  As for this very day of April one year previous brought forth the beginnings of an end to the clouds of foul air which emitted from my own very being.  It were a score of days more before I were able to leave that detestable air behind me however--so both the twenty-third of April and  the seventeenth of May are days of remembrances for me in my most abhorable habit of distaste. 


(Basically--I started my quit smoking program on Shakespeare's birthday)
My first day smoke free wasn't actually until May 17th though :) 


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The feast of St. George, also celebrated by common fiat as the natal day of William Shakespeare, and without doubt the sad self-same mark upon the calendar when breathed he his last words, shall be knowne (by command of the Lord Mayor of the city of the Illini-on-the-Lake, knowne also as "Chicago") as 

"Talk Like Shakespeare Day."

Verily was Avon's son the first among: "The best actors in the world, either for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastoral-comical, historical-pastoral, tragical-historical, tragical-comical-historical-pastoral; scene individable, or poem unlimited." (Hamlet, Act II, Scene 2)

Though three centuries, four-score and fourteen years have run since his pen fell dry, he has still volumes to say to us.  Therefore: clap-to, friends, and loose thy tongues with speech such as this age is much short of!


Honest, Your Honor, I was just polishing my English degree when it went off . . . 
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