[Northkeep] Greetings all from the more absentminded than usual Susan the Curious

Susan O'Neal catmafia03 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 14:47:30 PDT 2010

We are settling in to the new house and look forward to when things
are organized enough that we can host something up here; Charlotte
(you may remember as Peggy, my younger daughter) loved the house
because it reminded her of Chevellier (Sir) Marcus and Mistress
Christian's house that is so good for SCA parties.  (for those who've
been around since the earth was soft, this was Master Crag and
Mistress (gone blank on her name) house in the past and I've been told
many SCA revels)

We are looking forward to getting down there, but health struggles may
mean it'll be the fall before we make it.  A&S is possibly our best
chance, I need to check when this month's got moved to with the

I do need to check on a couple things.  When I tried the number for
Booster Feed, it was disconnected and I was crushed as we liked the
dog food they milled so much.  Are there any other mills relatively
near that mill a good dog food?  We are in Collinsville, if nothing
near I would love to hear recomendations on the best cost/quality dog
food.  Please write me offlist at catmafia at tmail.com with any
recomendations, we recently adopted a large dog and quantity has been
getting pretty expensive.  Also, does anyone have a T-Mobile phone we
could borrow for a couple months, Peg lost hers and they will charge
the $200 penalty if we don't have a phone on her line.  The last thing
is that it seems like I once promised someone a Calico kitten if I had
one and I currently have one and wanted to make sure before finding
her a home otherwise.

I hope this finds all well,
Susan the Curious
catmafia at tmail.com

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