[Northkeep] Crown Photos

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Thu Jul 15 18:29:34 PDT 2010


I spent some time this afternoon looking at photos of Crown Tourney from
Caelin on Antrede.  It was great to see all the pictures of folks of Northkeep
and all the others in all their spiffy garb.  All of the great photographers 
who take these pictures and post them on their sites so we can enjoy them
have provided those of us who can't attend events a glimpse of "what happened".
Not only that but they've preserved memories for those who were there.  How
cool is that! 

A hearty VIVAT to Caelin, Diarmid, Timeless Photography and all the others out 
there...and don't forget the galleries the wonderful Zubeydah hosted before her
site crashed!  Needless to say, I've all their sites bookmarked.

Thank you all for the memories!

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