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OK, so there are Ansteorran events to attend and Valor Tourney (Melees and a Great Sword tourney...Wahoo!) is only 3 hours North-West but for the Smiths and other artisans of a metal and glass working nature...

It's been two long years since the last Metal and Glass workers' Symposium here in Calontir.  Your wait is finally over!

On Labor Day Weekend, the Barony of Three Rivers hosts the second Calontir Metal and Glassworkers' Symposium.  If you missed out last time, you definitely don't want to miss this one.  It's even bigger, jam-packed with classes on every aspect of medieval metalwork you can imagine!

Perhaps you attended last time.  You smelled the smoke of many forges, heard the ring of hammer on anvil, saw the rush of sparks as bronze melted, and saw the sun set through stained glass.  Perhaps you only heard about it from those who did.  Here's your chance to try it all. Do you want to try your hand at Blacksmithing?  Making beads?  Armor?  Pouring molten metal?  The beauty of brass and copper, deftly chased into shape?  These opportunities and more await you!  And in the evenings, you'll have the camaraderie of the bonfires and of voices raised in song and story.

Where: Warrenton, MO

When: 3-6 September

How much: $6

More information: http://www.threeriver.org/symposium/

We'll let the class list speak for itself.  Remember, most of these aren't hands-off lectures.  You'll get to try these arts, get your hands dirty, and make something you can take home!

We're still updating the website with the latest, but here's a sampling of what's available at this incredible event:

Bronze casting

Pewter casting

Knife making

Gold Leaf

Stained Glass

Forge welding




Wire Weaving

Metal inlay


File Making

Period Arrowheads

Spangen Helm Tops

Wire Drawing


Mosaic Tiling

Glass Rings

Lampwork (Beads)

Making Spanish Gold

-Francis Bean

-Event Steward, Calontir Metal and Glassworkers' Symposium

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