[Northkeep] A call for help, We tried and failed.

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he has good water flow through the radiator, comes out as fast as it goes 
in, good flow from the res to the water pump. could be wrong , but think the 
radiator is pretty clear. he has a tow package on the trans, we changed the 
fluid and filter last summer, fluid was burnt and had a small amount of 
shavings present in bottom of pan, but didn't blow out any of the lines, or 
do anything with the transaxle ( 4 wheel drive ) .

question for the real mechanichs , can i use air to blow out the 
transmission lines ? if so how high should i set the regulator ?

list so far, of possible causes not already checked.
1: exhaust leak blowing hot air on engine - probability low ( for several 
reasons, but want to check anyway )
2: trasmission lines clogged - probability med high
3:radiator portion of trans cooling system clogged-probability med high
4:trans tow package radiator clogged - probability med high

note: reason for rating trans higher,include populace suggestions, as well 
as the previous condition of trans fluid / filter, and trans is having 
occasional down shift issues.
if none of the above items is cause , could it be the transaxle ?

Be Safe , Be Happy, Have Fun
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>I had some similar problems with my auto.Things to check:coolant(correct 
> for auto) to water mix correct:Make sure that trans cooling lines are free 
> from
> obstruction(easy to check out by removing lines and purging) The only 
> other
> thing I can think of is that you might have a partly clogged core in 
> radiator or
> completely clogged section.This however requires a radiator specialist and 
> is
> not cheap.Remember with time all holes,cooling jackets,oils and other 
> fluids do
> build up and create narrower passages.Hope this helps,Mine was 
> radiator(half
> dead,but working kinda) and plugged trans cooling lines.Had them replaced 
> and no
> problems since.Hope this might help you.
> Good luck,
> William
> p.s an affordable and reliable,quick mechanic Nick Celli. 836-8288 or cell
> 381-5685 ASE certified
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> Subject: [Northkeep] A call for help, We tried and failed.
> Greetings unto the populous, more specifically those that are mechanically
> inclined,
> I ask for advice, my chariot has been experiencing problems for a while 
> now,
> Arthur(whom has been wonderful trying to help me work this out)  and I are
> stumped.  I am already $450 dollars into trying to figure out the problem 
> to no
> avail and dont have the resources to keep fishing in the dark, so I am 
> hopeful
> someone might be able to assist in figuring out the problem, so here is 
> what is
> going on and what we have done:
> My jeep keep heating up, not always overheating but running hot often on 
> warm
> days.  It started this last summer, when I had the oil changed and 
> transmission
> fluid and filter changed, it seemed to stop doing it but that was going 
> into
> fall when the temp dropped. As soon as we hit 90's again the problem 
> returned.
> She will run fine for a while at normal temp then for no known reason will 
> start
> to heat up.  It heats up the worse in town street driving, she runs a 
> little
> warm on the highway but doesnt usually get too bad(though it has happend 
> once or
> twice), she mostly threatens to over heat from street driving.  Sometimes 
> when
> she gets real hot and I pull over and let her cool down, if I wait a few 
> minutes
> and start her back up, the temp will drop on its own again, not back to 
> normal
> but much closer.
> What has been done:  (Arthur please feel free to jump in with anything you 
> think
> I might have missed or to add further commentary)
> Put it in the shop at hibdon to get the system flushed and oil change, 
> while
> there they discoved that the lower hose was very swelled so that was 
> replaced as
> well as the therostat.  They did not state about any contaminents in my 
> oil.
> Didnt help continued to heat up.  So Arthur and I removed the water pump 
> which
> seems to be in good working order, tested the thermostat on the stove 
> which
> seems to be in good working order at proper temp, the water flows easily 
> from
> top radiator hose to lower hose, water flows easily from overflow(which is 
> the
> only place to put in coolant, there is not radiator cap) to the water 
> pump,
> replaced the engine coolant sensor(the one that actually screws in the 
> engine),
> keep checking the fan when it gets hot and it is always running, no 
> condesation
> or fluid seen in tailpipe. The only other thing that has been suggested is 
> the
> Radiator fan relay, while we think we have located it, dont have a way of
> testing it.
> I am currently very restricted on my travel, in town Fighter practice and
> Officers/Populous is about the max range I can make before she starts 
> getting
> hot.  While she runs cooler on the highway I dont trust going out of town 
> with
> it since it is an unknown issue.  Any assistance that could be offered 
> would
> most surly be appreciated.
> Thanks to all,
> Facon
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