[Northkeep] A call for help, We tried and failed.

vzfw Steinraud kenneth_the_dark at yahoo.com
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What model jeep? Year and engine size?
Is this the model that had the power steering pump built into the electric fan motor housing?
If so, have you noticed any steering problems also when it is over heating?

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Greetings unto the populous, more specifically those that are mechanically inclined,

I ask for advice, my chariot has been experiencing problems for a while now, Arthur(whom has been wonderful trying to help me work this out)  and I are stumped.  I am already $450 dollars into trying to figure out the problem to no avail and dont have the resources to keep fishing in the dark, so I am hopeful someone might be able to assist in figuring out the problem, so here is what is going on and what we have done:

My jeep keep heating up, not always overheating but running hot often on warm days.  It started this last summer, when I had the oil changed and transmission fluid and filter changed, it seemed to stop doing it but that was going into fall when the temp dropped. As soon as we hit 90's again the problem returned.  She will run fine for a while at normal temp then for no known reason will start to heat up.  It heats up the worse in town street driving, she runs a little warm on the highway but doesnt usually get too bad(though it has happend once or twice), she mostly threatens to over heat from street driving.  Sometimes when she gets real hot and I pull over and let her cool down, if I wait a few minutes and start her back up, the temp will drop on its own again, not back to normal but much closer.

What has been done:  (Arthur please feel free to jump in with anything you think I might have missed or to add further commentary)

Put it in the shop at hibdon to get the system flushed and oil change, while there they discoved that the lower hose was very swelled so that was replaced as well as the therostat.  They did not state about any contaminents in my oil.

Didnt help continued to heat up.  So Arthur and I removed the water pump which seems to be in good working order, tested the thermostat on the stove which seems to be in good working order at proper temp, the water flows easily from top radiator hose to lower hose, water flows easily from overflow(which is the only place to put in coolant, there is not radiator cap) to the water pump, replaced the engine coolant sensor(the one that actually screws in the engine), keep checking the fan when it gets hot and it is always running, no condesation or fluid seen in tailpipe. The only other thing that has been suggested is the Radiator fan relay, while we think we have located it, dont have a way of testing it. 

I am currently very restricted on my travel, in town Fighter practice and Officers/Populous is about the max range I can make before she starts getting hot.  While she runs cooler on the highway I dont trust going out of town with it since it is an unknown issue.  Any assistance that could be offered would most surly be appreciated.

Thanks to all,



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