[Northkeep] A call for help, We tried and failed.

Matthew House mhouse_1 at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 15 08:42:26 PDT 2010

Hey there - 

it's pretty clear that coolant is either not going where it needs to go in amounts and speed that it needs to go it, -or- insufficient thermal transfer is taking place. 

IF you can beg/borrow/steal one of those nifty point-and-shoot thermometers, and isolate the hottest location in the cooling system. this may help to troubleshoot.

my intuition says that there is something coating the inside of your cooling system, preventing good thermal transfer. I've had good luck filling the system with vinegar ( of all things. ) and a touch of detergent, and running it for a few days to a week, before draining it, and flushing it with plain water. It's an -extremely- mild acid, and should not damage anything, and will cheerfully eat any oxidation on the inside, cleaning the system. The detergent ( I prefer dawn's anti grease formula) will break down any possible oil in the system, allowing the vinegar to do it's job easier.

All of this presupposes that the core of the problem is the engine cooling system. 

I shall think on the other options, and get back to you.

Ego owe Deus mortalitas , ceterus est mei


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