[Northkeep] Needing a favor/job offer...

Matthew House mhouse_1 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 18:15:01 PDT 2010

Sorry to bug you guys, but I'm in a bind. If helping out and/or getting paid is not your thing, skip this message.

So, I need to go to Ohio to finish some things, and the person who was supposed to watch my house in the mean time has vanished off the face of the earth, leaving me in rather dire straights. So, I need a house-sitter. I'm willing to pay for this service. I"m putting this on the list here, because I'm out of other ideas. I'm in OKC. feel free to email me for details if interested. Yes, I should put this on the wiesenfuer list, except every time I try that, the post gets deleted, and I get booted from the list. not sure why, and dont have time to find out. 

Anyhow, sorry for the intrusion. We now return you to your regularly scheduled SCA-stuff.

Ego owe Deus mortalitas , ceterus est mei


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