[Northkeep] Thank you

facon at cox.net facon at cox.net
Thu Jul 22 06:09:13 PDT 2010

Greetings Unto the Populous of Northkeep,

I wanted to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and songs last night, Amadeo for that very tasty cake(which we will have to find an excuse to get again) and for only putting one candle on it.  It made a grumpy old baron smile :)  

I wish to remind everyone that next week is G&G, we look forward to seeing everyone there.  Her excellency and I are sponsoring a Rapier and Chivalric tourney, and would enjoy seeing everyone come out.  We would love to see everyone there doing what they love most(art, singing, fighting, dancing, etc), I believe we will be having guest's from Chemin Noir, I think I heard it was their plan to bring their new people down to check out our practice(Please Chemin Noir chime in if I am wrong) so it would be great to see everyone out.  

See everyone Monday at Populous.

Yours in Service,

HE Facon du Pray

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