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I still have you and Marc listed as Active and Resident, or you wouldn't have been in the list. Those are the things I wanted reviewed at this time -- who was in the list that shouldn't be and who wasn't that should be. I thought I made that clear.

I'll send a draft OP later for people to review their -- and other people's -- awards, and a draft Farspeaker for people to review their -- and other people's -- contact information.

I keep asking for people to comment on OTHER PEOPLE's statuses and data, because I get so few responses from people on their own stuff. But at this time, all I wanted was:

Who isn't in this list that should be?

Who is in this list that shouldn't be, and is that because they moved away, quit playing, died, or just haven't been seen for a coon's age?

I'm getting responses, but mostly from people in the list, confirming they should be in the list. I've had ONE so far that says "X has moved away, and should be dropped." None that say "Y should be in this list and isn't."

Kevin is getting grumpy. And shouldn't be -- the responses I AM getting this way beats the rate I get by passing around paper.

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Okay. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to send you info or not. but I am just in case. Yes, we are still active. As far as I know, the contact info you had for us in the last farspeaker list is still the same. 
If you need that info agian, I'll happily supply it ir check it. 
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