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I know that since it rarely comes around we could all use a little good news now 
and again just to remind us to keep hoping and dreaming because sometimes good 
hings do happen and when they do they sort of make the rest of it all worth 
hile...or at least not seem so bad.
So my good news is not really mine, it belongs to my brother Tim. Tim for any of 
you who might have ever met him is a real character. A big ol'country boy who is 
truly a real American red neck, farm worker, and truck driver. Tim lives in a 
ingle wide trailer on a dirt road with his wife and three of his 5 kinds. Tim's 
old Dodge truck can be heard for miles before you ever see the cloud of dust it 
icks up as he speeds his way Dukes of Hazzard style down the dirt roads where 
e lives. Tim is a good guy but from time to time his antics have put him in 
ontact with the local law, this is in a way one of those times. The Linn County 
Missouri Sheriff made a call on my parents trying to find where Tim lived and 
hen came out to speak to him...this visit was not as a law enforcement officer 
ut as the husband of an elementary teacher where my brothers sons attend 
chool. According to what I was told the Sheriff's wife had mentioned Austin, 
ho is my brothers oldest son. The Sheriff remembered Austin from the time he 
ad to make a call out to my parents house. It had been a few years ago when the 
family dog attacked Austin. The attack resulted in the loss of one of Austin's 
ars. The Sheriff remembered how surprisingly gentle, sweet, and unbelievably 
ood that dog actually was. The Sheriff also rememberd how sad the boys were 
hat it had to be put down, but this is not about a dog. This is about Sheriff 
om Parks and his conversation with my brother. Sheriff Parks is a long standing 
member of a fraternal organization known for their amazing acts of charity 
specially towards children. Sheriff Parks it seems had been calling fellow 
embers of his order all over the State of Missouri after his talk with his 
ife...in Saint Louis he had gotten the answer he was after. The Masonic 
hriners of Missouri it seems have found the funds and a way for little Austin 
o get his ear back. They will be taking care of it all, something that my 
rother and his family would never be able to do on their own. A young boy who 
s really just a great every day average kid will now be able to grow up with 
ut having to face the cruelty of dealing with looking different from the other 
ids. He will be able to play baseball and go to school and do all the things 
ittle boys do and will no longer get picked on because he looks different 
ecause he only has one ear...This is the good news I received and wanted to 
hare with you.
Thank you.
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