[Northkeep] True Time Warp/Sunfest

aoife at cableone.net aoife at cableone.net
Mon Jun 7 15:39:38 PDT 2010

Greetings All

I was fun to be able to see all the people at Sunfest...wish I could have spent
more time out there.  Vioslava, Genna and Ottokar put a great deal of heart into
this project!  I wasn't surprised about the comments from people who remembered
us from earlier years...the last time we were there people commented about seeing
the group back in 1984!  Check Diarmaid's pictures for a photo from that year that
appeared in the Bartlesville paper.  One thing I'll remember from this year?
Looking up and seeing Baron Ian talking to a natty-looking gentleman in full
revolutionary-era garb!

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