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Greetings All,

   Camp Dakani was hit very baddly by the rain fall recently. I know
we have lots of obligations this weekend but let's remember that
Dakani has been a great site for us with reasonable prices and the
occasional free site fee. They are in real need of help cleaning up
and repairing damage. Without this help they may not be able to
operate at the same rate or at all. Here is the request below:

"Due to the torrential rains today, your help is needed at Camp DaKaNi
on the 19th.  Large equipment (bulldozers, etc) are needed, 3-4
truckloads of gravel, wheelbarrows, shovels, and strong workers are
needed.  Wear long pants and leather gloves.  Meet at Camp DaKaNi
(3309 E. Hefner Rd, Oklahoma City) at 8:00 a.m., or whenever you can
get there. If you have access to heavy equipment, or are able to rent
some, please get with Gary White gjacbw at yahoo.com or (405) 630-0184.
Some help is actually needed before the weekend. The ranger house (D'Alder's
house) has
flooded, the canoes have washed away, council fire is gone, both
bridges are washed out.  This was to begin the 2nd session of day
camp.  Let's help get it up and running soon so all those kids can
have some fun!"

I will be out there, as well as several others that I know of. So
let's all pitch in and help repair the site of our next 2 events (GAA
and Protectorate)

in service,
HE Orlando

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