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How interesting.

Re: Henry V on trial for murder

Since it's the week of Henry's at Lilies I thought this would be fun to bring up on the list for those of us stuck at home.

There was a moot trial rebroadcast on CSpan Saturday where the "French"  brought charges against the "English" for Henry V's order to kill the French prisoners at Agincourt. It was presided over by justices from the supreme court and appellant courts. Shakespeare's "Henry V" was used as the document of record for the arguments.

It was very entertaining and insightful to rules of war at the time of Henry V. Has anyone else seen this?

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I don't have regular TV so I didn't get to see it. . what was the verdict?? ??


He was found guilty. The decision was that even though he did not know who  had won the day until Montjoy had told him; his belief that the French were  preparing for another attack sufficient grounds for killing the prisoners.  It was felt that even though he was not required to offer quarter to prisoners, once given he did not have the right to revoke it as long as the prisoners were not attempting to fight their captors. They believed that Henry's statement when Bardolph was hanged "for when lenity and cruelty play for a kingdom, the gentler gamester is the soonest winner." showed that he knew the extent of his order.

If the order had been given after they discovered the murder of the baggage boys he could have claimed the right of retribution because the boys were not considered combatants according to the rules of war European crowns were fighting under. 

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