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Unto All Who Read These Words Does Mistress Ceridwen Give Good Greetings:

    I hope the terrible weather that has caused so much grief for so many has left you and yours hale and sound.  It is the consequences of the recent terrible weather that I wish to write.  As most of you may already know, Camp Fire's Camp Dakani was flooded and has received quite a bit of damage in the recent deluge.  In addition to the obvious loss of landscape and resources, this could not have come at a more difficult time.  One of the greatest missions of Campfire is to provide young boys and girls an opportunity to enjoy nature and the Great Outdoors as we who live our Dream in Ansteorra have known her. This was to be the second of seven one-week camping events for kids.  The Heart of Oklahoma Council of Camp Fire Boys and Girls is committed to getting the camp back up, safe and ready for the children as quickly as possible. To do this we are going to need the help of our friends and neighbors.

    This Saturday, June 19th there will be a work-group gathering at Camp Dakani beginning at 8 a.m. lasting as long as there is light and a will to work.  The Camp Cimarron work weekend previously scheduled for this weekend has been moved to Dakani.  If you were planning on going to Coyle, please come to north OKC instead.  Gary White, a Board and Council member will be on hand along with a number of other board members, community partners, friends and family to do all they can to get the area back into shape.  This work will be coordinated by Gary and the Camp Fire staff, including our own Ranger Terry, a.k.a. Baron D'Alder.  Anyone who is able to help is encouraged to wear long work pants, boots or other sturdy shoes, heavy work gloves would be nice (think "snakes" and things that make you go "ouch!), and lots and lots of bug repellent.  There has been a significant problem with the well, and while there will be running water for the privy, the quality of the water is not yet known.  Some water will be available, but as regular campers, most of us have Gott containers and, of course, the water bearer's supplies might be useful...  I am told that there will be hot dogs available for lunch.  Donations of food (think picnic style) would be gratefully accepted as well.

    In addition any of the following would probably be nice: shovels, rakes, chainsaws, wheel barrows, basically any heavy duty lawn/garden-type stuff might be useful.  Also, I know that they will probably be using some contacts at OG&E to fix the bridges that have been totally washed out, but there are still projects where persons with skills at using larger equipment or access to larger equipment would be great!  In truth, Gary is the best person in the world to ask about what would be helpful.  He can be contacted at gjacbw at yahoo.com or on his cell phone at 405-630-0184.  Gary is a business owner and can be fairly busy but is graciously coordinating the Dakani Rescue.

    For those persons unable to do that sort of out doors in the heat work, but would still like to help out, Camp Fire is also in need of financial resources to purchase materials (they're half-way to the $1600.00 needed for a truck load of gravel for the low-water bridge, for example).  If there are those whose purse can stand to be light a few coin, all donations should be made to the Heart of Oklahoma Council of Camp Fire, USA at 3309 East Hefner, Oklahoma City, OK 73131.  Please put "Camp Dakani" in the memo line so the funds can be properly allocated.  All donations are tax deductible and the Council will provide you with a letter of receipt for your records.

    As I mentioned to Their Excellencies Wiesenfeuer and Namron several weeks ago, the Camp Fire Board is very interested in getting Camp Cimarron back up and running.  In the past several weeks there have been volunteer work crews, several of their number from the SCA, who have been working at Cimarron.  There was also a work weekend planned for this weekend.  However, nature has significantly altered everyone's plans and those persons originally planning on helping at Cimarron have been asked to come to Dakani instead.  As soon as the issues with Dakani have been resolved I know Camp Fire's attention will return to Camp Cimarron.  There is an SCA/Pennsic Pity Party/Work Weekend in the planning stages and I am hoping to come to local groups and answer any questions and provide more information as it becomes available.

    Unfortunately neither Johann nor I will be able to come to Dakani this weekend as we are already committed to a barbecue competition in Chandler.  I did see earlier questions about whether we'll still be out there working on Sunday.  I'm guessing, "yes," but that's just a guess.  I'll post more information as it becomes available.   Please feel free to re-post this announcement to any list you think might be interested.  If you have any questions, or if there is additional information that you need, please feel free to respond to this post at auntdwen at sbcglobal.net or call my cell phone at 580-401-0507.

    Thanks in advance for all you do to help support our local Camp Fire camps and the children who benefit from your generosity.

Bright Blessings,
Mistress Ceridwen tir Gwstraff
(m.k.a. Deborah May, newest Heart of OK Council of Camp Fire Board Member)

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