[Northkeep] berries for wine makers and cooks, etc.

Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner burgborrendohl at valornet.com
Fri Jun 25 14:52:51 PDT 2010

We will soon be ordering fruit from the Oregon company Bithell Farms.  
Some have expressed a desire to place an order.   Delivery is typically 
around Labor Day.

As long as we order ten boxes/buckets there is a $3 discount for each.  
We will be ordering 4-6 items.  We need to send the order in by Tuesday 
so please let us know by Monday night.

Damon and Ismet


Quick frozen 14# boxes:

Marion Blackberries $38
Red raspberries $44
Boysenberries $38
blueberries $39
Strawberries sliced with sugar $32
whole strawberries without sugar $38
Loganberries $38
red pie cherries $38
dark sweet cherries $39
sliced peaches $38
apricot halves $38
apples peeled and sliced $32
red rhubarb $32

Berry purees 14# bucket

Marian blackberries $38
Red raspberries $44
Boysenberries $38
strawberries $38
loganberries $38

They also have freezer jams in blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, 
blueberry, strawberry and loganberry

case pack 12 one pound of same variety $38 per case
gift pack of six different berry flavors (10 oz) $21 per pack


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