[Northkeep] Need info on Sunfest Demo

Stephanie Drake steldr at cox.net
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Your Grace - I believe most of your questions were answered in Voislava's 
previous post which I am pasting here:

(Begin pasted excerpt)
We will be there this Friday through Sunday, the 4th- the 6th.

Friday times: 3pm-dark (the festival won't stop Friday or Saturday night 
until 11pm, but the craft booths shut down at dark)

Saturday times: 10am-dark

Sunday times: 10am-5pm

For those who have been with us before, we will be located in the spot we've 
had in previous years. It is a great spot in the trees by the creek. Yay for 
shade! Here is a map of the park, we are the only non-profit on the right 
side of the creek with the Frisbee dogs. You can see our square in the trees 
to the left of the Sunfest logo. Also in that link are the directions to the 
park itself when you get into Bartlesville.


Those coming will have to park in the general parking area and walk into the 
park. No one is allowed to drive into the park itself, so to get armor and 
such down to our area, we will have a pull cart available to use for 
transport. The earlier you can make it the better for parking.  (End pasted 

I believe that I remember there are bathrooms on site but I don't recall how 
far away they are from things so I would not count on having a place to 
change.  Generally people bring their own coolers as far as drinks go, and 
it sounds like Chemin Noir will at least have water on hand for the 
fighters.  We generally like to put out a display of things that are 
handmade etc., sometimes reference books.  Space is generally limited so 
smaller things work better.

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> Could someone direct me to the address of the site so I can get direction 
> on the computer. Also is there a certain place we should park.
> When should we get there ?
> What should we bring?
> Will we have a place to change?
> Will there be somewhere to put drinks and things.
> What is needed?
> willow
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