[Northkeep] Thank You!

Jerry Herring j.t.herring at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 7 11:46:30 PDT 2010

Several times while out on the ropes talking with people I was told that we were missed and how glad people were to see us back at Sun Fest. It has been a few years since we made an appearance there and these regular citizens of the area remembered...how cool is that.

The heart of the people of Chemin Noir make it so easy to like them and too want to help them grow and succeed. Those who are staples of that group like Ottokar, Janet, Igor, and others are such dedicated and hard working people you just can not stand by and watch them the way they go about things makes you want to be a part of it.  Tara and Panda as relative new comers to the group I see in you a fire and enthusiasm as well as a quality of character that I know will lead to great things for the Canton of Chemin Noir. may this demo hearald many great days ahead.

Well-done Chemin Noir.


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