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There's no actual requirement in Oklahoma as far as pro bono work goes.
Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 6.1) says they should (not
must) provide public interest legal services, which can include pro bono
work, public interest activities or financial support of charitable
organizations that do provide legal services - but it is just a suggestion
and has no further requirements beyond that.

It didn't mention they were in need of a pro bono attorney though - Tulsa
County Bar is probably the best resource if someone doesn't have a personal
reference. You can search online at http://www.tulsabar.com/ or their number
is 918-584-5243

If they do need pro bono work, at least for initial consultation purposes,
the University of Tulsa offers pro bono services through the Professional
Development Office. Most law schools have similar programs, but just like
legal aid programs they are often very busy. But since they're trying to
both teach a variety of legal fields AND professional responsibility,
they're more likely to take a wider variety of cases on. Their number is

Legal Aid cases involve basic needs cases for the most part with priority
given based on urgency, not sure they would help with a consumer issue but
their website is http://www.legalaidok.org.

I'll send an email out to a couple of my attorney friends and see if they
know anyone in the area they can recommend, but most likely it would be a
big firm attorney which may not be helpful (but could provide a good
recommendation in the area).


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Check with the Tulsa County Bar Association and the Oklahoma Bar
Association.  Lawyers must do a certain number of pro bono hours every year,
and many do it through their Bar Associations.  

I don't know if the Better Business Bureau or the Mayor's Action Line has
any legal resources, but you might check their websites.

The Tulsa World periodically (no pun intended) puts out a list of social
agencies offering all kinds of services.  You might see if they have an
online version.  

If one of the friends is a woman, contact Resonance, the Tulsa Women's
resource organization.  They don't provide the services directly, but can
put you in contact with someone who does.  


Good luck.


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> Subject: [Northkeep] In need of a lawyer
> Some friends of mine from out of kingdom find themselves in need of a good

> lawyer who can help them with a consumer problem. Does anyone know a good 
> lawyer I could recommend here in the Tulsa or NE Oklahoma area? These are 
> good people and I really want to help them out, so any help and fairly 
> quickly would be appreciated.
> Keigan
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