[Northkeep] Baronial Fun Stuff for Saturday

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Well looks like I will be working tomarrow. The new company that picks up recycling for the city has really dropped the ball. So we are answering complaints tomarrow and picking up recyling.

The problem with today is: They just won't let you load the boys (and girls) up in the boat and sail down the coast to burn someone's damn village down.

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Oyez! Oyez!

This Saturday (June 26th) the Barony of Northkeep needs your help.  We will
be building a subfloor and some shelves in the Baronial trailer.  We will
also be organizing the Baronial Bins that reside in the trailer to make
their contents more easily accounted for.  We'll be opening the trailer and
starting these activities at 9:00am on Saturday morning. The trailer (and
therefore all the fun associated with it) will be located at 209 S Dogwood
Ave in Broken.  If you need directions let me know.  We will have some
popups available for shade.  We will have water, tea and cups on hand. I
don't know yet if we have any gatorade. And after the 'festivities' of
organizing and building, the real festivities can begin.  We have an offer
of grilled hamburgers (these would be even better if others would volunteer
the buns and some sides - chips, potato salad, drinks).

We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make it out on Saturday!

Please, if you have time, give me a shout back and let me know if you THINK
you might wanna stay for the after-fun fun so we'll know how many burgers to

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