[Northkeep] not too crass crass commercial announcement, sort of

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Wed Mar 3 05:53:23 PST 2010

Forward for the interest of calligraphers, musicians, etc.

>From:    Ted Eisenstein <alban at SOCKET.NET>

I think I've posted here that I've been photographing a six-volume set of

partbooks containing 250+ period motets, with the usual possibility of

sending them out on DVD's to whoever wanted 'em?

The set's been done, finally. Unfortunately, since it's roughly 10 gigabytes,

which means 3 DVD's worth, I am forced to admit that I'll have to charge

for them (and I really, really hate that).....Fortunately, I'm also making

available all the other digitized books done over the last five years.

And, unfortunately, charging for all of them, too. And doubly

unfortunately, the best way for me to do this is through the bookstore.

.....well, the bookstore's blog, actually, if you want to get technical.

Go to www.potboilerpress.com, and click on the button in the upper

right-hand corner, the one marked "blog"; there should be four or

five posts in the blog that concern what's available and how much

it'll cost, and how to contact me in the guise of the store's owner to

order same.

If anyone wants to shout at me for posting this crass commercial

announcement, do so in private: I had the most interesting appointment

today with a rheumatologist who believed firmly in the proposition that

the best way to find out how much pain I can be in is to push my joints

well past the pain point. I am not in a good mood.

But I'll be in a much more cheerful mood once people start ordering

the disks, I promise.

And, yes, please copy this to whomever you think would like the disks

- SCA folk, professional musicians, liturgical researchers, C&I folk,

regular herbal groups, whomever.

(Before I forget, the motet volumes are Giovanelli, Novi [atque catholici]

thesauri musici. Liber Primus [-Quintus]...., 1568, in the Music

section, for those what want just that.)

Alban, wondering what he's getting himself into again

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