[Northkeep] Travel Advisory...

Angus MacKnochard glnn_jhn at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 11 11:26:34 PST 2010

Much is being said about the rash of car breakins in Hattisburg. And Hotels being unsafe.

As a Longtime traveler, I see this all the time. 

Bands of misfits, cruise a strip of highway, with drivers and footmen.
Smashing windows, taking what is easy and pawnable. they move quick and stay to the mid to low range hotels.

Any time you park your vehicle, 
keep it secure, 
take anything of pawnable value in with you, 
cover and conseal everything you cannot take in.

These bands are looking for easy scores. If your load looks tied down, heavy and un interesting, it will most likely be safe.

There is no cause to panic, just take the time to be secure, and if possible park in the front of the hotel in well light areas.
Even better stay At Holiday Inns, or equal class hotels, they are less likely to be hit, due to well lit and monitored Lots.

Angus MacKnochard Bagadur

snerta er vald 


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