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Lady Catin lady_catin at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 28 09:23:51 PDT 2010

I will be making this request several times over the next several weeks, so flame me if you must to get it off your chest.  Otherwise, I apologize in advance.

As you might know (or not, if you don't care) Wyn and I are remodeling a house.  We will be moving (please, please, please) around the end of May.  In anticipation of this, I need boxes and totes, (MARKED totes to be returned to owners as they are emptied closer to moving day) hopefully ones that can withstand a bit of weather.  We will be moving two households....not just one, so the logistics might be a bit confusing.  Mom and Dad are moving their stuff to Bartlesville, so keeping things seperate will also be an issue.

We will also be holding a garage sale, hopefully about the middle of June.  Anything going into the sale will be available prior to, if you woulld like to contact me privately.  Couple of appliances, lotsa plus size clothing, candles, etc.  Hence the need for boxes a bit earlier than usual.  If the barony would like to use part of my driveway for a fundraiser for the barony, that can be arranged as well....it WILL be completely seperate, all monies of donated goods going to the barony.  That would be up to their Excellencies and the Seneschal, of course...but as has been shown in the past, this is a good location for garage sales.

If there are any questions, comments, concerns, offers, or other words of wisdom, please contact me OFF LIST.  I can be reached via email at lady_catin at yahoo.com or 810-7108.

Now returning you to tales of wonder and daring do from the war...

In Service,


 In ancient times, cats were worshiped as gods. They have never forgotten this. - Terry Pratchett


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