[Northkeep] Off topic conversation

Kevinkeary at aol.com Kevinkeary at aol.com
Sun Mar 28 16:29:17 PDT 2010

A not-atypical morning  conversation at our house.
We were watching "Superman  Returns".
Lex drops his line about "GODS  fly around the sky in little red capes and 
refuse to share their powers with  Humanity!"
Then it  started:
"Wow, this Lex sounds like a  whiner.  'Waah, gods don't share their power 
with me!'"
"How is he supposed to do  that?"
"Well, I guess he could do his  level-best to get every woman on the planet 
(Heroic tone) "It is my civic  DUTY!"
"Not that that would do Lex  much good."
"I guess he could TRY to get  LEX pregnant."
"Hmm. That might take more than  one try, even for Superman."
"Chuck Norris could do  it."
"Yeah, but I bet he  WOULDN'T."
"Just because you CAN do  something doesn't mean you WILL."
"Not Should,  Will."
"Chuck Norris doesn't worry  about Should."
This was three individuals that  live at my house.
For any that want to play an  identification game, you may score one point 
for correctly identifying who said  each line.
There is no  prize.

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