[Northkeep] Lets tell Chris what events we are going to so he can meet us.

willowdewisp at juno.com willowdewisp at juno.com
Tue Mar 30 21:51:30 PDT 2010

Hi Chris
This is Willow de Wisp
I am hoping to be going to a few events this season but that all depends on my health and money.
First I will be trying very hard to be at Castellan because it is Northkeep's local event and I got so very excited by the ad in the Black Star. 
I also want to be at Beltane because I was asked and come and tell stories about the Norse Gods and I love telling stories.
I Also want to be at Coronation because it should be grand but big kingdom events are sometimes not the best things to go to for your first event.
What ever event you go to come  or write us and we will help you with anything you need.
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