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oh I wasn't asking him to.  I was just making a side comment that I hoped the new place would be somewhat close.  You know, wishful thinking.  The quote I had gotten, and what I was saving up,  was really high for me personally & if the new place is more then that then I'm just not going to be able to afford it.


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Thormund has no control over the price, sorry.  So, the estimate you got
from Bruton won't help you much in the price department. Part of the reason
it went under was because Trent underpriced too many jobs, too often, and by
too much.


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> then to Hauck Tire I go.
> Thanks!
> Oh and Amanda if you would be so kind, warn Thoumund that as soon as I get
> that check I'm gonna haul my car in for that AC issue from last summer.  I'm
> hoping the price isn't going to be too much different.  Gonna need to get
> the idle checked out too & see how much that's gonna cost so I can start
> saving up.
> Tamberlin
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