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The physical address is 555 South Memorial, Tulsa,Ok.If you go to 7th and Memorial you will end up at the wrong church.

In service,
William of Northkeep

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Okay so here is all the information on the schedule for the April 3rd demo at The International Gospel Center. They are holding the festival from 9-6p.m,they have an area that is for us on the northside of the church.The area allows for two pop ups 12x12 and an area about 20x20 for the fighters.(in the grass) We will be doing three demos throughout the day,the first is at 10 a.m to 11, 1 p.m-2 and the last from 4 p.m-5.So there are plenty of times for those with a little bit of time to make an apperance if they choose,all day. A normal variety of demo stuff and people will be needed,A&S,chivalric,rapier,archery(no shooting,sorry)and bardic. 
Oh,and any youth boffers that wanna come and have sum fun too. The church is just east of McClure park at 7th and memorial I belive.There it is,if anyone has questions go ahead and post em to the list.Thank you in advance for your time.

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William of Northkeep
Deputy Hospitaler to Montega Blackdragon

P.S there will be food vendors and other stuff going on as well.

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